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Train stations, bus stations, airports, taxi ranks and other public transport areas have been using signage for decades in order to inform and educate all those who pass through their gates and doors. Digital Signage offers the public an easier way to navigate their way through these areas, and also provides business with ways to make sure public navigation is easy and safe. It is an ideal way for the public and the advertisers to connect through content.

Reasons why Transport areas would benefit from Digital Signage transportation displays

It provides essential information. Change of flights, departure gates, cancelled trips – anything related to the flight, train or other mode of transportation that you are about to take can be conveyed via Digital Signage.

It is ideal for constantly changing information: Digital displays can be changed in an instant, which is ideal for this type of environment. In a place that relies so heavily on time, these displays can announce late or early arrivals, which can be vital.

It can be used for advertising purposes: In addition to providing general information, these digital signs could be used to promote brand advertising. Anything from hotels and accommodation to other transport methods and even information about the environment will give the public even further information to consider.

PageMan Digital Signage Software is ideal for powering your playlists on your screens in your transportation area.


Here’s why:

What you will need in order to set up and run Digital Signage displays at your Point of Sale areas:


An Android Media Player

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PageMan Digital Signage Software Solution

A Working Internet Connection

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