Digital Signage Products

Digital Signage Products will help you increase sales, garner awareness and display valuable information. Digital Signage Solutions can be used in many different forms and help aid in communication, in telling your brand story, in educating, informing and inspiring.

Our products are versatile and impactful, and coupled with our digital signage solutions, this means that your message can be displayed anywhere, anytime.

There are various shapes and sizes. Here are some of the ways in which you can display your marketing message on a digital signage display.

  1. Point of Sale Displays: Entice consumers and encourage further sales in retail and hospitality as well as events by showcasing specials as well as limited edition offers.
  2. Video Walls: Video walls are ideal for larger areas like malls that aim to entice customers. Content can be displayed on these walls for entertainment purposes for individuals relaxing in waiting areas (such as airport lounges).
  3. Touch Screens: Allow your customer to interact with your brand and bring the online experience into the store with an interactive display, which will increase interest and ultimately sales. Ideal for hotels, conferences, information areas of malls and restaurants.
  4. Menu Boards: View dynamic content on menu boards and decide what you would like to eat or drink while you wait to order. Specials and offers can easily rotate on-screen when needed.
  5. General Announcements and Emergency Notices: Re-route traffic or direct foot traffic easily and simply with the use of Digital Signage. PageMan software allows you to change emergency notices instantly if needed.
  6. Store Window and Queuing: Store fronts are made more appealing with the help of Digital Signage. Direct queues and promote specials and offers while customers wait in line to pay.
  7. Employee and Management Training: Digital Signage is an enticing and exciting way to train employees that will continue to grab their attention.

The Digital Signage products showcased above rings true to the versatility and accessibility of using this form of advertising in retail, hospitality, business, eventing or recreational environments. Bring your offline and online campaigns to life by showcasing them on your digital screens. Grab attention, entertain, educate and reinforce your brand with Digital Signage.

If you would like a Digital Signage Software Solution that can function seamlessly on any of the suggested products above, contact us today. If you would like to explore the features and benefits on offer from PageMan, you can sign up for a 14 day free trial.