Growing at the Speed of Light with Major Investment has huge news that we can finally share with you!  We are proud to announce that we closed two funding rounds totalling R34m at the end of 2018! These investors include Investec Private Capital, through its Emerging Companies mandate. We are extremely excited about this investment, because it will allow us to further develop software that will benefit emerging markets and allow us to scale rapidly. It will also ensure that the company gets more brand exposure nationally.

“This is massive opportunity for us to deploy affordable Cloud and mobile technology in Sub-Saharan Africa,” stated our founder and CEO, Dana Buys, “The Cloud solutions model allows us to eliminate many of the headaches experienced by SME businesses who often lack strong IT skills. We develop the solution, keep the systems up to date, manage the databases and integration to external solutions, perform regular backups, and enforce security.” developed TallOrder Point of Sale with SME businesses across the hospitality, retail and service segments in mind. “We have made Cloud technology much more affordable and accessible. This opens up the market to many businesses which could not previously afford nor cope with the previous generation’s technology” says Anna Groenewald, our COO and co-founder at

According to Anna, “This investment is an important opportunity for to expand our software developments and allow us to rapidly scale our marketing and sales efforts and increase our future partnership opportunities.”

The team would like to thank everyone who have contributed to our growth and we will continue to keep you all updated about what the future holds for us. Big things are on the horizon for!

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