Irish company opts for South African technology to increase sales

Retailers see a massive increase in sales after deploying PageMan’s digital picture-in-picture solution, a digital solutions company based in Cape Town, is redefining the way retailers use digital signage to influence consumer behaviour with a product called PageMan, a cloud-based digital signage solution.

The company, which describes itself as a business specialising in ‘disruptive solutions’, has had fantastic feedback from local markets and abroad, following deployment of this “modern and cost-effective” digital signage product in a sphere traditionally associated with high costs and unreliability.

Neil Haig, owner of Abbey Digital in Ireland, and channel partner for PageMan in the country, recently introduced PageMan as a product offering to his customers: “PageMan is a much better option than the alternative solution; its greatest appeal is that its stable, you have the ability to download more content quicker than any other competitor allows and its picture-in-picture solution has had a huge positive impact on customers’ sales.”

The picture-in-picture (PiP) solution has been launched as part of PageMan’s Enterprise Edition 2.60, and features digital signage with an integrated live HD video / TV picture feed which can be used in public areas or hospitality venues such as bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and reception areas.

This updated version allows hospitality venues to run smaller marketing messages alongside live news, sports broadcasts or daily viewing without obstructing the picture. The result is prime advertising and marketing space for companies seeking a highly effective way of marketing product to a captive audience.

According to Haig, who installed the system at an Irish hotel called the The Maldron Hotel, the PiP approach to marketing has done wonders for this customer’s bottom line: “The Maldron Hotel initially ran on a different system but what they really needed was a real call to action to get customers to buy certain items: PageMan’s PiP solution was installed to cater towards this need and the response from customers was amazing.”

According to Haig, after installation of PageMan’s PiP they monitored the sales on two different offerings: a steak burger with a pint, and a dessert of the day. Whenever a promotion was ran using PageMan’s PiP, sales on the steak burger offering increased up to 400% and The Maldron Hotel also noted a 200% increase on sales for the dessert.

Haig, who has been so impressed with the tangible results of PageMan, will launch a nationwide roll-out of the product in Ireland’s hospitals via the country’s health services department, HSE, in upcoming months. This launch will see PageMan’s PiP solution used in out-patients rooms, major waiting areas as well as general wards.

Dana Buys, owner of and founder of PageMan comments: “The international success of PageMan is testament to the need for solutions which offer an unsurpassed level of power and simplicity at a costs which is affordable. By offering a simple and highly effective alternative in the digital signage sphere we are achieving our goal of developing disruptive technologies to solve common business problems.”

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