Event Displays Solutions

There are various reasons as to why Digital Signage will take your events to the next level. Real Time feeds (like Twitter walls at conferences) will provide attendees with event information that is constantly being updated. Attendees can also view what sessions are currently taking place in each conference room with dynamic signage displayed on screens or tablets outside each area. Those attending large concerts can be directed by signage that changes according to foot traffic. Events that are launching brands can educate attendees with the use of an interactive Touch Screen.

Events big and small need attention-grabbing digital signage that can be updated in seconds, informing the public of any information that they need to be aware of.

PageMan’s Digital Signage Software Solution suits the needs of this industry. Some of our features that are ideally suited to various Events include:

Use of Digital Displays for Events:

  • Queuing Info

  • General Announcements

  • Emergency Notices

  • Point of Sale

  • Transport Information

  • Touch Screen Navigation

If you are involved in events and would like to know more about what PageMan Digital Signage Software Solutions event displays can do for your concert, conference or big event, you can contact us today. If you would like to explore the PageMan features further, you can sign up for a FREE 14 day trial.