About Our Cloud Based Digital Signage Business

PageMan is a Complete Digital Signage Software Solution. It is a cost-effective, easy-to-use cloud-based digital signage that delivers your message to one or thousands of displays. Your advertising material should be easily accessible and manageable no matter where you are.

We use the Cloud based software to upload and store content. Our decision to use this and position ourselves this way means that business owners who use our products can access their content instantly to their digital signage, and either upload new content or change current content in a few short minutes.  An important reason as to why PageMan uses cloud based digital signage storage is that it allows data to be remotely maintained, managed and backed up easily.

PageMan uses Cloud based digital signage as data can be remotely maintained, managed and backed up easily. The benefits include:

Overall ease-of-use: It’s simple to upload and distribute content in the Cloud.

Limited use of bandwidth: Online access means no big file transfers or use of USBs.

Accessibility: Gain access to your files anywhere, anytime – instantly.

Affordability: Cloud storage saves money with low storage costs.

Through the use of cloud-based software, the PageMan Digital Signage makes use of an online Admin Console – a home where content can be uploaded, added to Schedules and assigned to locations to play seamless messaging.

Our Admin Console is PageMan’s online home. Once you have selected the ideal PageMan package for your business, you can register via the website and sign into your account, where you will arrive at the PageMan Admin Console home page. Once here, you can:

  • Upload Media (Content)

  • Create a Schedule

  • Add Playlists

  • Attach Media

  • Add your Locations

  • Attach devices

Once you have made your way through the Digital Signage solutions setup process, you will then be ready to start displaying your content on your screens, live to your desired audience!

PageMan offers you the opportunity to take advantage of numerous product features which will enhance your Digital Signage experience. These features include Tagging Capability, Layered Playlists, Advanced Scheduling, Zones, Real-time video feeds and PageMan Touch, to name just a few.

PageMan is a CloudOne.mobi Product: Optimize the Customer Experience! Visit the CloudOne.mobi website.

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Registering for PageMan Digital Signage Software is easy! Simply select your licence package, register with your company information and you will receive an email regarding information on how to get started. If you would like to explore PageMan’s features before deciding on the correct package for your business, you can select our free 14 day trial.