About CloudOne.mobi – Cloud Based Solutions

CloudOne.mobi: Optimize the Customer Experience!

We maximize our customers’ profitability by enabling far greater levels of engagement at the point of purchase. Our innovative Cloud-based Software Solutions unleash the power of aggregated big data, whilst still being affordable and easy to use.

CloudOne.mobi creates business-boosting applications that continue to set the software benchmark.

Every CloudOne.mobi product is conceived, designed and developed with specific industry knowledge and expertise in mind. This is the foundation we use to meet specific business needs with greater power, speed, cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use – all underpinned with a top-class range of ongoing maintenance and support offerings.

Our Solutions-focused outlook is based on the following business objectives:

  • Powerful Solutions to Real Business Challenges: Business solutions designed and created only where we convey a high level of market expertise and on-the-ground experience, so we can solve problems at every level of the organisation – from top-level management goals to enhancing performance of business processes, users and technical staff.

  • Developed For The Toughest Environments: Products developed to meet the often-constraining demands of frontier and emerging markets, where power and Internet connectivity are low-performance, unreliable and expensive. As well as driving innovation, this makes for more efficient solutions wherever in the world our customers need them.

  • Human Capital First: The real value of CloudOne.mobi comes from its people; the relationship of smart managers, development teams, partners and customers that together enable us to keep solving even the toughest business challenges.

  • Blending Smart Thinking With The Smartest Technology: Carefully thought-out and designed solutions combined with Social, Mobile, Analytical, and Cloud-hosted software technologies (SMAC Stack) and leading edge power technologies, optimized in the latest development environments and tested in real-life business situations.

  • Performance And Function Over Bells And Whistles: Simple yet powerful functionality that meets the real needs of businesses competing in today’s increasingly challenging landscape. We believe this is more important than products loaded with unnecessary and cumbersome features. We continue to apply this logic as technology evolves – without you having to keep up or reinvest as new innovations emerge

  • Better Software For Everyone: Applications that scale seamlessly, from a single user to multi-national groups, while remaining powerful, cost-effective, versatile and easy to use and manage at every point.