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What Is A PageMan Channel Partner

A Channel Partner is another company that partners with a manufacturer and sells that product or service through their own business. PageMan offers businesses the opportunity to team up with us and offer our Digital Signage Software Solution as a part of their own business package.

Become a PageMan Channel Partner

Offer your customers the full package by selling Digital Signage Software through your business! Signing up as a PageMan Digital Signage Software Solution Channel Partner means more interest, more business and MORE revenue.


Benefit from PageMan’s Software-as-a-service Solution, brand and expertise!

As a PageMan Channel Partner, you’ll receive a range of benefits:

  • Able to generate a new revenue stream by complimenting your current offerings

  • Leverage on the PageMan knowledge and industry expertise

  • Promote new features and benefits to your customers

  • PageMan Digital Signage Solution, including

    • Product and Technical Info
    • Online Provisioning
    • PageMan App
    • License Management
    • Support Environment, Technical Support
    • News, Updates and Beta Testing

In addition, Channel Partners are supported with pre- and post-sales opportunities from time to time, preferential pricing, partner promotion and other co-marketing initiatives.

Once approved, Channel Partners have access to information, resources, product development info, product sharing platform that can be used to build a strong product offering, tailoring your business to be unique.

Current Channel Partners include Shopper Marketing, Retail Solutions, Signage and Graphics solutions, content development, hardware sales and more.

You can now increase your profits by providing your customers with an affordable and dynamic Digital Signage solution for their business. PageMan allows your business to become their New Digital Signage Supplier. Contact us to discuss our Channel Agreement and Channel Commission Structure for your business.