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Touch Screen Digital Signage

Brands are committing to the ease-of-use and functionality of touch screen devices in their advertising efforts. Using a touch screen coupled with a complete Software Solution will bring a new dynamic to your digital advertising, attracting customers and inviting them to not only take notice of your brand, but immerse themselves in the brand experience.

Reasons why touch screens are ideal for Digital Signage displays

They are fast: If you would like your customer to access information about your brand faster than it takes for them to take out their device and enter your website URL in order to gain information, then using a touch screen in store will allow them to move through information, specials and pricing at a faster pace.

They are easy-to-use: Touch screen digital signage can prove to be rather intuitive, no matter the level of understanding of the customer who is interacting with the screen.

It is accessible: No matter the mobility of a customer, touch screens can be used with ease and do not take up much space. It is easier for the interactive screen to be operated directly than through another element (like a keyboard and mouse), meaning that a touchscreen is accessible to all.

PageMan Digital Signage Software is ideal for powering your playlists on a touch screen display.

Here’s why:

What you will need in order to set up and run Digital Signage displays at your Point of Sale areas:


An Android Media Player

PageMan Digital Signage Software Solution

A Working Internet Connection

If you would like to add Digital Signage to your Point of Sale areas and increase brand awareness and sales, you can contact us today. If you would like to further explore the features suited to your needs, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial.