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Digital Signage Control Features

PageMan’s Digital Signage Software Solution promotes various Control product features, allowing you to have full control over your content at any time.

These control-based features are among our extensive feature list offered to our PageMan customers. If you would like to see if your licence package supports these features, you can visit our pricing page for more information.

Alternatively, to discover more on what our features can do for your business, you can sign up today for a 14 day free trial today.

Bandwidth Management

PageMan’s Local media sharing allows you to optimise the use of Internet Bandwidth, in order to use as little bandwidth as possible and only to be used when needed. The use of Cloud based digital signage means that only local file sharing is needed. If, for any reason, a manager needs to upload content quickly and easily, this can be done without having to download large files, and it can also be done remotely.

Advanced Scheduling

PageMan allows business owners and managers to set up and manage their schedules across multiple organisations and devices. This allows users to have different devices showing their own media at a time and date set by them. For example, you can specify that one of your screens will show a “Breakfast Schedule” in the morning, while the screen next to it will show something different at that same time. Then, they can both revert to showing the same schedule in the afternoon, therefore moving in and out of sync according to what needs to be shown at that time of the day.

Local Control

Powerful Real-time control on location specific promotions can be performed using the Tagged Playlists and the PageMan remote app. Easily setup and manage your Schedules across multiple devices, letting different displays show their own media independently and seamlessly. This means that there is no need to transport USB sticks containing your content from one location to the next! Your PageMan content is uploaded to the Cloud and then distributed to your digital signage devices according to Schedules, meaning that your media content be stored and played locally (and immediately).


One of our newest and most exciting features! Zones allows you to split your screen display up into more than one “block”/ These individual “blocks” can play a different Schedule or Playlist in each zone, therefore having two or more sets of media playing simultaneously on one screen. Zones gives you full control over showcasing more than one type of slide/video on one singular screen.